GRAND FINAL of The Winchester English 8-Ball Ranking Events 2019

Series of 6 qualifying ranking events culminating to a GRAND FINAL on Saturday 21st December, 2019.

Calendar of events (will be announced individually on our Facebook page):

Event 1 (already been played)
Event 2 – 19th October
Event 3 – 2nd November
Event 4 – 16th November
Event 5 – 30th November
Event 6 – 7th December

All take place on Saturdays, registration at 13:00, start at 13:30.

Members only. District rules.

Playing format will depend on the number of entries, either straight knock out & plate or round robin format.

Handicapped at TD discretion.

Top 16 at the end of the Event 6 to be invited to enter the GRAND FINAL and will be seeded.

GRAND FINAL, max of 32 entries.
The Winchester will add 20% extra on top of the entry fee plus trophies.

Ranking points awarded as follows:
Winner – 50
Runner-up – 40
Semi-finalist – 30
Qtr-finalist – 20
Last 16 – 10
Last 32 – 5

Rankings will be uploaded regularly on our Facebook page.

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